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Enjoying the Nature

Who Do I Serve?

(and what do I mean by serve?)

The quick and short of it:

I serve anyone 12 yrs and up who is willing, able, and committed to challenging how they are living right now to find their way to full authenticity and strength.

What is Service?

Service is showing up for my clients in a way they have never experienced before. 

I truly believe in everyone that I work with and I know that there is NOTHING wrong with them - they don't need to be "fixed."

Service is about helping my clients find themselves and give them the power to live their best life.

The wORK

Tweens & Teens

The transition into Adolescence is an exciting and challenging time for everyone involved. As a Youth Coach I help your tween or teen self identify their own values, challenge limiting beliefs about themself, and walk them through the process of living authentically and fully.

Young Adults

Becoming an "Adult" can feel terrifying, freeing, and exciting all at the same time. Having me as your coach during this transition will allow you to connect with your wants, needs, values, and goals. Together we can get you waling confidently into the world.


As a fellow Neurodivergent (Autism), I know what it takes to find your own path in a world full of neurotypical self help advice and rhetoric. If you are ready to live unapologetically authentic and embrace your super powers, I can help you through the ups and downs as you flip the script and find your truth. 


Parenting is one of the HARDEST things we will do in our lives. How do we know we are preparing our kids right? Is what I'm doing serving them? Am I making the same mistakes as my parents? Together we can find what works for YOUR family, challenge the beliefs that prevent a cohesive family, and break the generational trauma.

Image by Zachary Nelson
Image by Clay Banks
Image by Omid Armin

my why

Ever since I can remember, I have loved listening to people: their stories, their hardships, their strengths. People are my Special Interest!


When I found coaching, I was at my lowest, living in a 30ft 5th wheel trailer with my husband, our 16 month old daughter, a pregnant belly, a dog and two cats. Coaching was what lifted me out of my own unknown future filled with doubt and depression. I didn't know how I ended up where I was, but I knew what was going to get me to the next level of life. 

I haven't looked back since that day I decided to put my skills to use and serve the people that I connect most deeply with. Every client I have served holds a place in my heart. As much as I help them, they help me find a deeper focus and knowing about me and the world we live in.  

I hope to be able to serve you. 

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