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Jennifer Butler

MindBodyRadio Interview
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I have been working with tweens, teens, and young adults since 2002.  All of these amazing young people were considered "at risk" or "high risk" and required some much needed support and understanding.  As much as I like to think I taught them during this time, I learned so much more about myself. Additionally I learned that there is SO much that we, as humans, can't control, but there is ONE thing that we can learn to control - our reactions.  


Our brains are programed by our experiences and reactions.  These actions create shortcuts to behaviors and expectations.  But, good news for many of us, our brains are NOT in control of these behaviors, our MIND is - that part of us that is truly us. Brains are thought producing machines, but it is our MIND that gets to decide how to react (or not to!) to all those thoughts that come tumbling into our conscience mind.


I integrate all the hands on knowledge of working with teens, parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, and other support persons with the tried and true, evidence based practices that are common in the helping professions; such as: Positive Psychology, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and so much more! This whole person view allows me to open the door to my client's inner fierceness and guide them as they walk towards the life they WANT to live!

I personally know what it's like overcoming difficulty in life.  I was raised by a single mother, lived through the loss of many loved ones, struggled with my own depression and anxiety since I can remember, and rarely had access to support people.  Through it all, I earned my AS in Psychology with honors in 2012 while working full time (40+ hrs!), and my BA in Psychology at the University of California, Davis in 2014. During my time at UC Davis I trained and worked as a Peer Counselor with "The House," providing support for fellow students during difficult times/transitions. I also worked an Assistant Lab Manager and Research Assistant at the Center for Mind and Brain studying ADHD.  

All of this experience led me to make the decision to train with the Youth Coaching Institute (YCI) to become a Certified Youth Life Coach in 2019. I didn't let my thoughts of self doubt hold me back.  I persevered through the years of hard work.  I believed in myself.  Over the years I have continued to grow in my personal and profession lives - I have studied with some of the most highly sought after coaches (Devon Bandison, Jason Goldberg, Steve Chandler, Steve Hardison, Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Aila Hale, and many, many more!) and I continue to expand my compassion and curiosity for everyone. 

Life's too short to be confused, lost, unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. I'm here to help you find your own path to the life that YOU want to live. Together we can clarify your goals, unlock your full potential, and overcome the blocks that hold you back.

Book a consult to discover where you can transform your life.

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