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Back to School

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with covid


School Year


There is nothing like the first day of school.

Pictures with the new kicks on (or shoes for us well aged persons). 

Seeing our friends and comparing schedules. 

Regaling our summer adventures and getting all the latest gossip about who's on the team and who isn't. 

Falling into the age old school schedule.

But then came Covid.

There is nothing that is the same or normal this year. 

Our kids are having to deal with pressure and changes that even the adults that are in charge of things, don't even know if they are going to work.


Imagine the STRESS.

But what do you DO about it?

I'm Glad You Asked.

As a Certified Youth Life Coach, I can help your tween, teen, and/or young adult learn now to roll with the emotional fallout that living through a Pandemic can create.

With my help they will learn how to:

  • Be more Mindful

  • Plan and Schedule

  • Reduce their Stress

  • Trust in Themselves

  • Find their Voice

  • Identify their Passions

  • Set (and reach!) Their Goals


Book a Consult today

Do you want to help your child learn to grow in adversity?

Of course you do.

Book a FREE consult today and let me help you and your child Live Your Best Life.

Jennifer Butler


Tel. 530-263-0397

Newcastle, CA 95658

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