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Youth &

young Adult Coaching

Learning how to DO life can be exciting, hard, and frustrating.  Let's be honest - sometimes it can feel down right impossible.  

As a Certified Youth Life Coach, I use evidence based coaching techniques to help your loved one find the Individual that they wish to be, reach the goals they set for themselves, overcome the hurdles that stand in their way, and set them up for the future life they dream of.

Are you ready to support them on this journey? 

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What is a

Life Coach?

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Q & A

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What My Young People are Saying:

Image by Shlomi Platzman

S.W. Age 13

Jennifer provides me a safe place to share about my life and learn how to see the world differently. 

Image by Hans Reniers

A.H., Age 19

Jennifer has helped me be able to focus on the big picture ,  discover my passions , and I'm more motivated to complete my course work.

Image by Clint McKoy

Z.B., Age 22

Jennifer has challenged me to be more in tune with how I am interacting with others, how to balance my time to avoid burnout, and challenge my limiting beliefs.

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