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 Discovery Call

45-60 Minutes

Schedule a discovery call with Jennifer to really dive into what you want from your life and see how Jennifer can help you get there.


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1-on-1 Coaching
12 Months

45-60 Minutes

An Intensive (48 session) program. This package is best for tackling major life shifts or challenges. The value of coaching over time is immeasurable. Let Jennifer know you in and out and nothing will be out of reach.


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Divine Parenting

On-line Course

For the self paced learner - up your parenting game, improve your relationship with your teen, and learn how to motivate and grow with your child.



Laser Course
 6 Weeks

90 Minutes

Short on time? Jump on the Laser Plan: Work Hard, Push forward, See a change. This is best for someone who knows exactly what they want and has done coaching previously.

Available only upon approval​.


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Parent Companion

45-60 Minutes

Want to support your child during their coaching journey? Add the Parent Companion Program to receive coaching along side them. Length/cost depends on the full program your child is engaged in.


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Divergent Parents

Group Coaching

If you (or someone you know) is a parent and ALSO lives with a Neurodivergency (ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Processing Differences, Bi-Polar, etc. etc. etc.) then you also know that this is not typical parenting - there is an added layer of pressure.

This group is here to help you grow into the best Divergent Parent you can be.


Field Hike

1-on-1 Coaching
6 Months

45-60 Minutes

An Intensive (24 session) program. Perfect to jump start the next chapter in life. Transitions in Life are unavoidable - Let Jennifer help set you up for ultimate success.



Custom Plan

45-60 Minutes

Custom packages to meet your specific needs: Family Packages, Group Coaching, Workshops, Speaking Engagements,.  Call to design your plan today. Pricing will vary depending on your need.