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Initial Consult

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Making the decision to hire a coach is a HUGE step - an even bigger one if you are looking to support a loved one (i.e. your tween, teen, or young adult).   It is also a big financial decision and it is normal to want an idea of your ROI (Return on Investment).


When you book an initial consultation with me, we will clarify what goals/outcomes you are wanting to create, the timeline you have (or don't have!), and answer all the questions/concerns/fears that you have about being coached by me, Jennifer Butler. 


To give you an idea of what coaching can look like here is a brief list of services that I offer to my clients:

1) One-to-One Intensive coaching. 3-6 Months. Perfect to jump start the next chapter in life. 


Transitions in Life are unavoidable.  During the 12-24 weeks together you will learn how to lean into discomfort, challenge the limiting beliefs that have kept you from achieving your goals already, and clarify who YOU are so nothing can get in your way again.


This is the program for the tweens, teens, young adults, neurodivergent leaders, folks who feel "stuck," and anyone committed to shifting their life from limitations to boundless possibilities. 


2)Family Coaching -Connect with your family like never before.


Navigating children, self, and relationships can be stressful - being a parent is definitely the hardest job there is. As a family/parent coach I provide translation services - you want to tell your partner or teen how you feel and they just can’t seem to understand! I’m there to take your words and deliver them to your loved one in a way that they WANT to receive it and vice versa! 


Communication is the key a calm and cohesive home - one that can be rattled when your children enter adolescences (starting as early as age nine!). Family coaching allows you to be understood and to understand your family members like never before.


Blended family? I got you.

Unavailable partner? I’m there too.

Not sure your teen will “buy in?” I’m up for a challenge. 


3) Custom Coaching Program


Need something more? Not really sure what you are looking for?

Maybe you want to have coaching with other people, or a combination of group coaching AND individual coaching. Maybe you are looking for support over a longer period of time. Or you might a have a big project that you want outside support on. 


Schedule a session with me to talk about what you are envisioning and together we can create a plan that will address your specific needs.

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