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Q: Why does someone work with a coach?

A: There are many different reasons to work with a coach, but in general, clients choose a coach because they feel stuck or recognize that they need just a little bit of help to get to the place they want to be (even if they don’t really know where that is).


Q: Is a Life Coach like a Therapist?

A: No. A Therapist is trained to listen for your problems and help you process them so you can function in your day to day life. As a Coach, I listen for your strengths, your dreams, your perceived limitations, and help you gain clarity on what you need RIGHT NOW to move forward towards the life you want.  The Coaching relationship is based on the idea that the Client is whole and capable and just needs a helping hand to bridge a gap.

Q: What is a "CERTIFIED" Life Coach?

A: A Certified Life Coach is a Life coach that has completed a training program that has been accredited by an agency such as ICF (International Coach Federation). This ensures that each coach is being trained to provide the best services for their clients and maintaining strict professional standards. It's  important to note, however, that my work as a coach is informed by ALL of my learning throughout my lifetime as well as the learning and growing that I am continuously engaging in.  

Q: I don't live near you, can you still be my Coach?

A: YES! For clients that live outside of the Greater Auburn, CA area all appointments will be conducted via internet video conference (Zoom).  This way there is no need to rush to an appointment.  If you have a phone and service/internet connection, then you are ready to go. Please note that I require you to show your face! There is so much unspoken that I can see (and my neurodivergent mind likes to be able to see you speak...).

Q: Why don't you list your fees?

A: Great questions! I don't list my fees for a few reasons, but mainly because they might be a little scary to hear if you don't have any context of the work that I do.  As a Coach, I don't work on an "hourly" pay basis - this is why I only offer coaching packages.  The fees vary depending on what is in the package and if it needs to be tweaked to fit each individuals needs (including my own).  I offer payment plans, group coaching, and creative options.

Q: But really, what are you fees?!

A: Let's talk! Send me an email so we can schedule an intro session (which is free...).  This will help you AND me decide what is needed - if anything is needed at all! I've had many "programs" with people that end right there - without any need to worry about the money.

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