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Back to School Coaching

Coaching for Academic Success

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Ready to get your child off to a great start this school year? Back to School Coaching with Jennifer Butler is designed to give your student the tools they need to feel confident and prepared for the year ahead. This bi-weekly coaching program is available for students from 5th grade to College, with a specialty in neurodivergent populations. Each 45 minute session is available on zoom, or in person, to provide your student the help and guidance they need to succeed academically and socially. Book a consult today to learn how to get started.




Q: How much does it cost?

A: My base hourly rate is $125, however, when you book 6 sessions (or more) and prepay, there is a 10% discount.  


Q: Can I book just a single 45min session?

A: Of course, but I can not guarantee that there will be enough time to provide personalized recommendations and teach strategies that will lead your student to success.


Q: Why do kids need academic coaching these days? When I was young we just went to school, did our work, and succeeded.

A: School is so vastly different today than it was when I was in school. The level of work that is required can be quite overwhelming and that isn't taking into account the pressure to go above and beyond so that they can "get into a good school."  Academic pressure is causing a lot of anxiety and stress for our youth and Coaching can provide them clarity around what they are doing right and what they can improve upon (along with the how). Academic coaching isn't for everyone and is beneficial for all.

Are you ready to give your student a leg up? Book a free consultation now.

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