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A coach’s pride, a client's win

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I have a client, I’ll call Susan. Her name isn’t actually Susan. Duh - privacy and all.

Susan came to me a meer two months ago feeling lost and “needing“ to make a complete overhaul of her self - stating that her friends didn’t think she was a good person, and she really wanted to be a good person.

We formed an easy connection early on - she is super awesome and I’ve been told that I’m quite likable - and got to work. Susan defined her goals, clarified her values, and became vulnerable to the coaching process.

Susan did her homework every week and blossomed like the stunning, rare flower that she is.

Then it got hard. While she was making immense progress toward her goals and learning more about herself, she was also having to face some of the fear, the pain, and the struggle that had previously been avoided. We checked in often via text and email - I offered her reminders of what she has already done and could do to find clarity in the turmoil.

During our recent session Susan detailed some really difficult choices that she had to make and reasses the goals she was working towards to align them with what she really wanted.

It was amazing to be able to witness the changes I saw in Susan: she was making smart, hard choices, putting her future happiness before the immediate gratification she could have had, and seeing the connections she once would have missed.

Susan and I had a zoom dance party to celebrate these wins.

My heart filled with pride to see how her dedication to herself manifested in the blossoming of an amazing young woman. A woman who will be unstoppable. A woman who had everything she needed already - she didn't need to completely change herself - she just needed to believe in herself!

The work that I do as a coach is probably the hardest thing to explain to someone: I listen, offer insights, challenge unhelpful (and sometimes hurtful) thinking and personal scripts, point out the wins, and provide tools and knowledge that might be helpful.

It's not magic, but ya'll if feels like magic - something so magical happens when I am working with a client that really wants it, really dives in, and opens up to the possibilities that stand before them.

Do you want more? Do you want to move forward?

Let's do magic together.

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